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Distance from Planadas, Tolima to Honda, Tolima

The distance from Planadas, Tolima to Honda, Tolima is 245 km by the driving route and km by the walking route. The geographical distance between Planadas and Honda is 245 km (airline route). The distances via different routes and the durations needed to travel from Planadas to Honda are summarized in Table 1. The estimated fuel cost of driving from Planadas to Honda is summarized in Table 2.

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Table 1. Travel Distance & Duration from Planadas, Tolima to Honda, Tolima

Travel Route Distance (km)Travel Time
driving Driving 245 km
walking Walking km
flying Airplane 245 km 18.4 minutes
Note: Distances of driving and walking routes and travel durations are calculated using Google Maps services API. The straight line distance between Planadas and Honda and the travel time needed are calculated using mathematical formulas with an airplane speed of 800 km per hour [Reference].

Table 2. Compare Fuel Cost of Traveling from Planadas to Honda by Car

Fuel Consumption Distance (driving) Fuel Cost
20 km/gallon245 km$ 112940
40 km/gallon245 km$ 56470
60 km/gallon245 km$ 37646
80 km/gallon245 km$ 28235
100 km/gallon245 km$ 22588
120 km/gallon245 km$ 18823
Note: Fuel price used in the calculation is 9200 Colombian pesos ($) per gallon. Also remember that the higher the km/gallon rating, the lower the fuel consumption.

Table 3. Sunrise, Sunset, and Local Times in Planadas & Honda

When traveling from Planadas to Honda, note their sunrise and sunset times.

Planadas, TolimaHonda, Tolima
Sunset17:56 17:49
Day Length11h 56m11h 49m
Current Local Date16/12/201816/12/2018
Current Local Time03:50:1603:50:16

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